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Creating free music for videos that YOU can use in your awesome videos for free.

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When using music from this channel , Just make sure you add a ‘credit link’ to your video description the credit link appears in the description section on each of our videos. copy & paste it to your video description

You CAN:
Download & use the music in your videos (including YouTube monetized videos) just make sure you add the credit link (copy / paste the credit link that can be found in the video description).

Do not copy and publish a video ‘as is’ the music should be a part of your video creation. Do not imply endorsement, claim the music as your own. or use the music without giving any credits. Do not redistribute, curate, or sell the music

Please feel free to listen,.add the videos to your playlists, enjoy and share… Hope you enjoy the music and find it useful for your videos

MU – free music for your videos.